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Getting Started with RaqStar Virtual Studio

Updated: Feb 15

Getting Started with our classes is easy-peasy!

1. Purchasing Classes:

- Create an account on our virtual studio page (Right here)

You can browse classes, click to learn more (some of them have teaser modules that allow you to view content before purchasing), and find one you think you will enjoy!

- To purchase directly from the studio page, it will use PayPal (preferred). If you would like a class but don't want to use paypal, you can send Venmo to @PetiteNadirah or you can pay me directly if you are local.

- For venmo purchases, please leave a note explaining what it is for and/or reach out to me on facebook or via email. I will have to give you a prepaid coupon code to access the content, so it wont be automatic. Purchasing with paypal through the studio platform will give you instant access.

2. Accessing Classes:

- When you log in, the classes that you own should show up on the left.

- Each module contains lessons with the videos embedded. If you have purchased a Live claass, then the modules will contain the link or login info to join the zoom class. After class is over, the recording will be added to each weeks' lesson (I try to get it posted within 24hrs).

3. Earning EP for Bonus Content / Leaderboard:

- The studio leaderboard should show up at the top left of the page. You can opt out of this (to remove your name) by clicking the "don't want to be listed?" button at the bottom of the list.

- Engagement Points: You can earn EP by participating in the classes! Anytime you open a new module, lesson, or mark a lesson "Complete", you will earn EP. Some products include bonus content that only unlocks if you have earned a certain number of points. Eventually, I plan to add entire sections of content that are free, but can only be earned with these participation points... it's like a fun bellydance game!

- Did you attend live? You don't earn the full EP within the studio platform when you attend live because it is done on zoom (or in person) instead of within the platform; but if you want your points for attending, you can always go into the lesson, click on the replay video, and mark it as "complete".

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